Features Of A Good Travel Website Should Have-2021

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Features Of A Good Travel Website


In vacation time, everyone wants to spend their time enjoying themselves by traveling to many places. So people search on a travel website to find out more new places, photos of these places, facilities that attract them to travel the place. So they want a well-featured travel website where all the facilities they need are available.


You may be wondering what makes a great travel website if you are in the middle of a website redesign. What are the attributes, the designs, that build a standout website for your travel company and must-haves? People mostly travel during the summer. Travel websites facing a serious traffic problem during the summer season. This is why travel companies are trying to maintain an accessible and user-friendly website that can be competitive.


So it is important to have good features on your website that attract visitors. Here, we address all the important features that should be needed in a travel website.


Features Of A Good Travel Website


  •     Predictive search


You can see different recommendations when you type something in Google’s search bar. It will help you get what you are searching for. Similarly, your travel website should also have available search predictions. A drop-down list that pops up automatically as you type, so you don’t have to hit ‘search’ to find out the Popular Queries.


This is a perfect way to stop presenting a wide list of outcomes, finding results quickly, and display questions that the visitor did not think about. This saves on typing if the user doesn’t have any physical keyboard as he used the site on a tablet or mobile.


  •     High-quality Photography


We live in a visual world where images play the most important role to inspire and transmit messages. Adding these features creates a strong statement and will have a bigger impact on your travel website.




Images can be incredible motivators, particularly when they view exotic images. Amazing places and dream destinations. Using sparking and visual elements on your website plays a major role in catching customers and boosting brand loyalty.


  •     Simple checkout


A checkout feature applies to displaying all website pages to a customer. If your checkout has multiple obstacles then creating a pleasant user experience is wasted. There is a habit of over-complicating checkouts and travel sites.


It is possible to create checkout pages as single-page solutions or as step-by-step procedures. Although the one-page checkout option among online visitors is rapidly gaining popularity due to its perceived advantages of being quicker and easier to use. One page checkout pulls all its elements on a single page for that customers will get all the available information they need to be.


  •     Public Transport Information


Adding public transport information to your website is very important. Because people want to visit different places on their travels. So adding transport information with available transport with cost and time helps the traveler to find out their transport so they can travel to different places.


  •     Google Map Integration


Every travel website should have Google Maps in its domain. This feature helps the customer to See the available holiday destination and direction on a useful map. For the customer, it is easy to study and get more specific information about places that they want to visit the local area, hotels, views, etc. They also will get updates about them as well as Events and features of history.


  •     Guides Of Arts and Culture


If someone wants to visit any places they would like to know the culture, spectacular places and the arts of located places. So adding the proper guidance of arts and culture of the desired places helps the traveler to enjoy more places and gain knowledge about the culture of different places and people. Using this feature on your website gives them a  good impression of your business and also helps to boost your business loyalty.



Travel website


  •     A Brief Summary Of The Area


When a traveler visits a place they want to visit all the spectacular places near the located places. Therefore It is very important to briefly explain the places available on the website with direction, the specialty of the places, the cost available, accommodation, transport, etc. It allows the traveler to travel more comfortably in the place.


  •   Customer Review


Consumer feedback will help your travel business and build a reputation with your readers. Customer feedback and suggestions day by day become popular because people want to know about other customer’s reviews about the places until they make a Decision. And many people choose the places and make a booking online because of the star rating and the comment section with great reviews.


  •     Ease Of Payment


When booking tickets online, customers want to easily make their purchases with little effort. This is why every website needs to be provided several payment options for prospects to pay for whatever they want within a moment. This feature leads to long-term relationships between clients and the travel agency. Besides, to save the preferred payment mode of the client, You should have suitable payment tools.


  • Social Media Integration


If you are in the world of online business, the existence of social media is important. This world runs on stories and examples. Travelers want to share their experiences with their social media friends, Create suggestions, and connect. Social media platforms are the most suitable place to further build your brand and share your story.



Including this feature helps the clients to share their feelings and emotions. This will improve customer loyalty as well as help to increase the travel website’s online credibility.




Every human being needs recreation. Traveling is the most popular way for people to recreate themselves. Day by day, traveling business is becoming popular for that. A good website for travel can increase your business prosperity, promote yourself as a band, and show loyalty to your business. So you have to include adequate features that can attract people.

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