User Interface (UI) Designer Job Description & Responsibilities

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Ultimate Guide To UI Designer Job Responsibilities

The UI – user interface is the graphical layout we see while using an application. The job of a UI designer is to design all the screens through which a user will interact, move, and create the visual elements—and their interactive properties—that guide this movement.


A UI Designer is responsible for presenting a product’s development in a way that is attractive, convenient, and smooth for users, who works closely with user experience (UX) designers and other design specialists on the team.


This role balances a keen understanding of technology with a strong sense of how users view and interact with various applications, websites, and interfaces on technology including gadgets like televisions, vehicles, and smart appliances.


The overall thought and target of the UX Designer are reflected and reach through the assured effort of the UI Designers.


UI Designers also need to have knowledge of the technology they are working with, understanding its use and also the limitations in order to design user-facing elements. UI Designers as UX designers are responsible for making UX
designers’ visions a reality, many UI designers have a good understanding of front-end development and some coding skills.


The confusion about the difference between UX and UI design is real, so listing a specific skill set and adding requirements that will narrow down the potential field of candidates will be great while drafting your job ad.


Many companies want UI designers to have a working understanding of coding and transfer the brand’s strength through the interface of a product


This position combines elements of programming, psychology, and digital design a UI designer requires specialized training and or knowledge in all areas to deliver quality services. Not always a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Web Development, Graphic Design, or related field is essential. UI Designer can enter this industry with self-learning also, which requires a lot of interest and patience.


The general responsibilities of a UI Designer:


  • Develop and Design Graphical Elements
  • Designing websites using Sketch (or similar)
  • Designing mobile applications
  • User interface design
  • Animations
  • Determine Technological Needs and Limits
  • Build Mockups and Wireframes
  • Conduct Consumer Research
  • Collaborate with Team Members
  • Program and Code


Skills You’ll need to have:


  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • To be a conceptual thinker with a keen visual awareness and willingness to learn specialist programmer
  • An interest in, and knowledge of, coding and design principles effective communication skills with team members and clients to ensure that customers get the high-quality output or products on the basis of requirements
  • Being empathetic so that UI Designer can understand what the clients want from the website/app product
  • Skill of excellent communication, with an eye for in-depth properties
  • Having a logical aptitude, step-by-step approach to ensure designs are user friendly
  • A high level of concentration and ability to stay focused on a project to the end and meet client deadlines with unlimited revisions
  • The ability to communicate and cooperate with other professionals and work in a specialist team

Job Requirements:


• Proven experience as a UX or UI designer (3+ years)
• Full portfolio of design projects that include live projects
• Attention to detail so that you are doing your design
• Self-management and organized routine of yourself
• Analytical mind to beat the competitors
• Problem-solving attitude from top to bottom


Sometimes remote work has specific criteria to the UI Designers:


•Ability to work effectively in a remote environment, across time zones; including experience of presenting work to team members and stakeholders, and others remotely
• Familiarity with interaction design and information architecture
• Knowledge of HTML/CSS; JavaScript is a plus
• A strong portfolio presenting your work history on various different projects and briefs
• Work individually and as part of a team
• Ability to work to deadlines
• Time management and planning workload
• Comfortable planning and attending meetings with clients including presentations
• Experienced at working in an agency environment
• Sketch


Some extra attention


•A genuine “can do” attitude
• See challenges as opportunities and be optimistic
• Believe in the iteration of doing design over perfection
• Keeping in mind that no one is perfect
• No one knows everything
• Being a quick learner
• A good balance on your daily routine
• Keep going and keep improving


In a nutshell, all of the above requirements cover all the job descriptions from various UI Designers hiring Design Agency or Digital Agency, or Internet Marketing Agency all over the world.


So, don’t you think there is a whole new world to discover yourself as a UI Designer where you can be a part of a web UI product, a video game, a mobile app, a dashboard, overall a smooth interaction between a computer product and a human.