What is UI Design or User Interface Design?

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Things you need to know about UI & UX design 

A career hype in 2021. This is the best time ever to jump on a career as UI Designer.


Wait! Before jumping, what is UI Design actually?

What is UI Design

Well, we are (Solutionflows) very well known in terms of website design and app design – little did I, as a UI Designer knew at the very beginning that these are the very basics known as UI Design?


So, yeah in a very simple sense the apps we use, the website we browse are the results of UI Design.


UI Design is the short term for User Interface Design which clearly says that
the interface we use as a user is the UI Design.

Maybe we have heard the term UX also. Usually, both term UIUX is used altogether. UI – User Interface Design is a crucial subset of UX. They both have the same end goal of providing a smooth experience for the user but UI is more about offering an organized interface to the user.


UI focuses on what you use to interact with a product, and UX focuses on how this overall interaction feels. As we are humans who use the product made by UI Designs, so UI design’s prior concern is to make design from a human aspect with empathy.


As we know the purpose of any interface is to help the user accomplish their goals. So a UI designer doesn’t just create something beautiful; also understands the user’s mindset, predicts what they will expect, and then make the design as user-friendly as possible.


The text we see, the button we press, the menu bar we click, the options we choose everything is set and organized in its own place by a UI Designer so that the user does not have to think about the functionality as it’s driven by cognitive behavior. Like if we want to order we do not think about what the ORDER NOW button means. These are some obvious terms or call to action which has some universal rule but UI Designer helps us to use these more smoothly.


UI Designers use Interface elements which we can say in four parts.


These are:


Elements for Input Controls As Materials: buttons, text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown lists, list boxes, toggles, date field

Navigational Components As Directions: breadcrumb, slider, search field, pagination, slider, tags, icons

Informational Components To Emphasize: tooltips, icons, progress bar,
notifications, message boxes, modal windows

As Containers: rhythm

The very fundamentals for UI Design to keep in mind while designing:

01.Try best to know your user

02.Think and pay attention to patterns thoroughly

03.Stay consistent to the design

04.Use visual hierarchy to make users comfortable

05.Provide feedback on every other step

06.Be forgiving on team

07.Empower your user on the journey

08.Speak the users’ language

09.Keep it simple

10.Always look moving forward

UI Designs is inspired by many types of research To be helpful to the users, UI designers need to make sure that the visual language they choose fits the application they’re writing. They’re trying to predict user expectations. If a designer tries to design an app, it’s important to research how other alike apps have been developed in the past. How they made the user flow design etc.


Also using same kind of app on different gadgets help the Designer to find a better solution, better design, and also a better app.

What if you want to start a career as UI Designer?

The very first thing to have to be a UI Designer is to wish genuinely. In 2021, the demand for this career is at the peak.

All you have to have is –


  • A clear mindset to be a UI Designer 
  • Love to work with computer
  • Love to work with the team
  • You enjoy learning
  • You care about people


So, in a nutshell, UI Design is to play with the texts, colors, shapes, images and offers an interface in your smartphone or desktop or tab or even in the news scroll.

Even the Microsoft Office Word document I used to write this content down is an example of UI Design.

I hope you understand now What is UI Design or User Interface Design.


Checkout Our UI/UX Design From Dribble. Hope you will get inspiration and idea from our design.