How to market your product locally

Business / 10th June, 2021 / 6 min read

In this article, we’re going to be going to the best ways how to market your product locally.


In 2021. We will also go through what are the different marketing strategies to promote your products like as baby products, backpack products etc. and What are the tips we have for you in this upcoming year and these are really things that nobody else is going to tell you. other people might let you know about some new shiny object or one thing that you can do so that you might be able to get one or two extra customers, but these things are built on the long term and their principles that don’t really change. So this article can help you and if you stick around until the end, I know it’s going to be really valuable for you. 


What are the different marketing strategies to promote your products?

So let me ask you a question, what would it be? if you could get 5, 10, 20 people who are interested in your service messaging you every single day. What difference would that make in your business in 2021? That’s what this article is going to go over. rest assured that you’ll get a ton of value out of it. Okay so let’s go ahead and get into the main essence. 


Understanding human nature

The first tip we have for you and this encompasses everything else is to understand human nature. Business is simply the study of human nature and marketing is the study of human nature at scale. If you understand what causes humans to do what they do, then you’re never going to go hungry. 


You’ll be able to provide a product or service for them that meets their needs or their wants and then they’ll pay money for it. I know that might sound a little bit vague, but let us show you more later in this article, Exactly how you can implement this into your marketing. 


Put up a sign: build brand awareness.

The first tip was to understand human nature, but that’s more like a foundational principle that all of these other things are going to build on. So the most important thing is to put up a sign.

How to market your product locally


So if you’re a local business, you have a brick-and-mortar location where people come to visit you or maybe a real estate agent or some sort of agent, where people locally in the area might trust you. But especially if you’re a brick-and-mortar business, what you should do is to have a sign on a major road so that people can see you, if you have the budget then go for a billboard sign. 


There should be a business sign out in front of your location more than anything else. This is what’s going to boost sales in your local area and boost awareness. Everybody’s going to know about you simply because of that sign. So if you don’t have a sign put up already, invest the money into getting a sign. It really, really helps.


Understand content and audience

This sign thing brings us to the next point, because a sign is really just a piece of content that you’re putting in front of an audience, and depending on what your product is that audience resonates with that sign and then they become customers or they become a lead and then years or months down the road they become a customer, right? And at the end of the day, that’s all that marketing is. 


You just need more content in front of more of the right people. So what a sign does because your local business puts it in front of the right people who are the people in your local area. So the second tip we are going to give you is to understand content and audience. When you understand that all you need to do is put the right content in front of the right audience, your marketing becomes a lot more simple and effective. 

Facebook advertising service

You can understand which platforms to market on and which content you need to put in front of them. So for example, let’s say that you run a local sewing company and you know that the majority of your customers are moms between the ages of 25 and 55. They’re too busy to do their own sewing. First of all, that tells you where you should be advertising, you should be on Facebook and Instagram and also have a local sign put up in your area.


 Because moms between those ages are on Facebook and Instagram. So, figure out where they congregate, where It is that you can put the right kind of content in front of them. Then your job becomes a lot simpler and you just need to understand what kind of content you need to create. In this case, you would want to create something that resonates with a mom.


The way that you can do that is by surveying them and kind of understanding the DNA So to speak of your current customer and therefore, your future customer, who are they, how do they operate? And what is it that they want to hear and understand? And when you do this research, creating content becomes a lot easier. 


Understand the difference between paid, and organic traffic

The 4th tip is to understand the difference between paid, and organic traffic. These two types of traffic are crucial to understanding, and when most people get started online marketing their businesses, they don’t understand the difference. So, let me give you an example.


 Let’s say you just started a cleaning company in your local area and you have about 30 people who like your Facebook page and they’re all friends and family. If you post something on your Facebook page, the only people that are going to see it are your friends and family unless they share it, which you’d have to ask them to do. That’s organic traffic, 


But paid traffic is when you pay Facebook, you pay Instagram or you pay Google to put your business in front of your target market and that’s a lot faster. It’s also cost-effective. If you can make it profitable then you don’t have to nag your friends and family to share your posts. 


If you want to learn more about how to run paid Facebook ads, the psychology, and mindset behind it, and what you need to do to have profitable campaigns, go ahead and check out our website, and start a project with us. 


So, paid versus organic traffic is a key distinction that you must understand if you’re trying to reach new people. if you just want to reach the same people that like your pages or follow you on Instagram or Facebook, then you just need to post. But if you want to reach people outside of that realm, you need to pay or you need to go to a Facebook group and post about your business. 

Understand the difference-between paid and organic traffic

Facebook groups are an awesome way to Market your business, but you need to find the right one that has a healthy culture of people participating in the group. Talking to one another and containing the people in your target market as well as allowing you to post about your business in there.


Facebook groups are a great way to get started. Just posting about your business and getting some exposure, but they’re not as reliable in the long run. It is just better to run your own paid ads. 


How does marketing help your product or service: understand the marketing funnel

The 5th thing you need to understand is the marketing funnel. This is a Basic Marketing Concept that most of you have probably heard about before. The marketing funnel refers to the idea that marketing has a lot like putting something down a funnel. At the very, very top you can fit a lot, but at the bottom, you can’t.


 It’s not because you can’t fit a lot of people in the bottom of your marketing, you would love to, but it’s because people just drop off naturally throughout the customer journey. So the very top of the marketing funnel, there’s an awareness stage. The more people are aware of you than people who are considering buying from you. There are more people considering than who have purchased from you. 


So, these three steps of the marketing funnel allow you to understand how you should structure your campaigns. Because you need to speak to people who are aware of you or who aren’t even aware of you, who aren’t on your phone yet, people who are aware of you but haven’t purchased yet, and people who have purchased and who you might want to make repeat customers.

 understand the marketing funnel

 So, let me give you an example of how you might do this, one trend that’s come out recently is escape rooms. Let’s say you run an escape room company and you’re wanting to get more people coming in and more people participating in your escape room. So, one way to take the marketing funnel into account is to understand that not everybody knows what an escape room is, not everybody knows why it would be fun and not everybody knows who you are and why they should trust you. 


So the people outside of your funnel, you need to talk to them first so they can become aware of you. A great way to do this would be creating a video explaining your company, seeing how many fun people have while during your escape room, and helping them understand that they can bring their whole family or they can bring a date or it’s an awesome opportunity to bring friends together for a fun time and then paying Facebook to show that video to people in your area and fit your target demographic.


 which might be men and women from the ages of 20 to 35, or the most likely to participate, if you can get that to show up on their Facebook and Instagram feed then they’ll become aware of you and start to trust you, when you try to sell them something later or they see you again, they’ll be more likely to purchase.


 Another example, If you don’t have any kind of brick and mortar location that people are coming into is to create free value online so that people can engage with your brand, understand who you are, and start to know, like, and trust you. When people find your free guide or your free video and you put it in front of them in the right way and maybe through a Facebook group or by posting on YouTube.


 You can follow up with them down the line by asking for their email or their phone and start a conversation with them so that they become the customer that you will want. I can’t stress this enough, creating a proper marketing funnel, and understanding that there’s a customer journey that a lot of people need to warm up and that you need to understand the human condition. 


They don’t trust you yet and so if you can get them to trust you and then slowly warm them up to the point where they’re ready to purchase, that’s when you’re going to create successful marketing campaigns. 


 Build relationships

So the final tip that we have for you isn’t very technical, and we don’t think any of these have been, because we wanted to give you something that would be timeless and that covers the bases of marketing, the things that just aren’t going to change, is to build relationships. We have conducted an informal survey with business owners all over the country, asking them what their biggest marketing headache is. 


Here is one of the survey responses. She said, from my past office position, I was not only a treatment coordinator but marketing fell on me as well. I handled the budgeting and monthly marketing efforts, not only within the Community but also local schools and events. We found that, no matter how much money was put into each office, The most valuable turn around with building relationships. 


This is a crucial point that almost nobody talks about when it comes to marketing or creating a successful business. Think of growing your business, kind of like the Merry-Go-Round at the park, where you grew up. At first, when you start pushing the big metal circle, it goes slowly, and then you start going a little bit faster and then a little bit faster than a little bit faster until you can jump on yourself and have fun while the Merry-Go-Round keeps turning. 


consider the Merry-Go-Round as the flywheel and when you start pushing it, it’s very, very slow turn by turn by turn. Your marketing, your business, your system start to develop slowly. What a lot of people do is when they don’t see an immediate return on investment and they start going another way. They rotate the flywheel differently and then they do it another way and then they do it another way. They wonder why they never make progress and it’s simply because they didn’t go long enough in a single direction. 


When you build relationships, this is what you create. You create a self-sustaining business that will pay dividends years and years down the line. We highly recommend you not waste your time on local marketing events. They’re usually too expensive and you will never really see a good return on investment from it in terms of money. 


So to illustrate this point, let’s look at a classic example. A lot of our clients are asked by local schools to sponsor t-shirts or some sort of fundraising event, and for that sponsorship, they get their logo on the back of a t-shirt, which’s great. The logo on the back of the t-shirt is going to allow other people to see your brand more, they’ll recognize you, and business will go up. But instead of focusing on getting the biggest logo on the T-shirt, we would encourage you to make the best connection with the person at that school. 


Because most likely they are the PTA president, where they have influence in another way and they’ll start referring friends to you. There are a million different ways to do this, but at the end of the day, this is something we can’t coach you on personally because we don’t live where you live and it will be difficult for us to understand the market the way that you understand it. And we don’t understand who has connections and you do. 


So if you can take those people that have connections, genuinely engage with them, just because you care about them and don’t expect anything in return. Let them know that you were a good person and that you run a reputable business. we promise you that those relationships, those conversations, all of that are going to turn into increased revenue down the line. It’s just simply the way it works. So there you have it. 


Final words

Hope the article gave you a proper insight on how to market your product locally. About solution flows we are a digital marketing agency and we help small businesses to build up their brand quality and marketability. We have lots of clients here and there, some of them are small local businesses & some of them are international brands. and we help them get new customers through Facebook, Instagram, and many more. As a marketing agency, we know your struggles and are excited to have you here on this blog.