Welcome to our website. If you remain to browse and use this website, you are approving to fulfill it and be assured by the subsequent terms and conditions of use. If you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions, please do not use our website. The term 'you' refers to the buyer or viewer of our website.

1. The use of this website is subject to the following terms of use:

1.1 The content of the pages of this website is for your overall info and use only. It is subject to change without prior notice.

1.2 This website uses cookies to display browsing preferences. These cookies are kept on your device and help us to advance your browsing involvement. They may be used incognito to select content and advertising that is appropriate to your likings.

2. Definition of terms:

2.1 SOLUTION FLOWS – Having its primary place of business at 111 Broadway, New York, NY 10006.

2.2 The Buyer – The origin address of a website, e.g. www.webaddress.com. All such names must be registered with the appropriate naming authority.

2.3 The Effort – The subject matter of the agreement between the Client and SOLUTION FLOWS.

2.4 Host – The business on whose system the Website physically exists.

2.5 Interruption – When the website is not reachable via the Internet. This may be because of a technical failure of the Host or because the effort is being carried out on the site.

3. Fees:

3.1 Third Parties – SOLUTION FLOWS can take no accountability for facilities delivered by third parties through us or otherwise, including the Hosting of the Client's Website, although SOLUTION FLOWS will attempt to ensure that Website interruption is kept to a least.

3.2 Fee Billed – A non-refundable deposit of 40% of the total fee billed under the agreement is due immediately upon the ratification of the contract. The remaining 60% shall become due when the Effort is completed to the realistic approval of the Buyer. SOLUTION FLOWS reserves the right not to begin the Effort until the said deposit has been paid in full. No fee will be required in a month where no updating is necessary. Search engine re-submissions, other than the original submission included in the contract fee, shall be included in the maintenance fee.

4. Denials:

4.1 Care and Rectification of Mistakes – SOLUTION FLOWS takes no responsibility for the functionality or maintenance of the Website after the Work has been completed. Mistakes (both technical and non-technical) featured in SOLUTION FLOWS will be modified free of charge.

SOLUTION FLOWS reserves the right to ask a realistic fee for improvement of mistakes for which SOLUTION FLOWS is not responsible.

5. Accomplishment of work and fee:

5.1 Resource of Provisions – The Buyer is to source all resources and material essential for SOLUTION FLOWS to thorough the Effort in agreement with the approved requirement. If the Buyer's failure to source that principals to an interruption in the accomplishment of the effort, SOLUTION FLOWS has the accurate to cover beforehand approved limits for the accomplishment of the Effort by a sensible sum.

5.2 Accomplishment of Work – SOLUTION FLOWS permits completing the Work in agreement with its Regular Terms and Conditions to the terms previously approved with the Client. SOLUTION FLOWS will not charge additional than the total beforehand approved except the Buyer has diverse the conditions of the Effort since the contract. SOLUTION FLOWS will not accept variations to the terms of the Effort which would surge the fee, without previous written approval from the Buyer.

5.3 Payment – After accomplishment of the 10-day review period, SOLUTION FLOWS will bill the Buyer for the 60% balancing sum in agreement, which is to be compensated by the Buyer within 14 days of the date that the bill was delivered.

5.4 Remedies for Overdue Payment – If the expense has not been established by the due date, SOLUTION FLOWS has the right to canceled on-going efforts for the Buyer, until the full expense of the unpaid balance has been established. If full payment has not been established 18 days after the due date, SOLUTION FLOWS has the right to remove the Website and revoke the Buyer's license of the Effort till full compensation has been established. By retracting the Buyer's or eliminating the web site from the Internet, SOLUTION FLOWS does not eradicate the Buyer's commitment to pay any unsettled dues owed.

5.5 Authorization of Effort – On the accomplishment of the Effort, the Buyer will be informed and have the occasion to evaluate it. The Buyer must inform SOLUTION FLOWS, in writing, of any unacceptable topics within 15 days of acceptance of such notice. Any of the Effort which has not been stated in writing to SOLUTION FLOWS as unsatisfactory within the 15 days’ evaluation dated will be considered to have been agreed upon. Once agreed, or considered agreed, the effort cannot consequently be prohibited, and the agreement will be considered to have been finalized and the 60% balancing payment Billed will become payable.

5.6 Disallowed Effort – If the Buyer discards the Effort within the 15 days evaluation period, or will not agree following Effort accomplished by SOLUTION FLOWS to remedy any points reported by the Client as unsatisfactory, and SOLUTION FLOWS reflects that the Buyer is unreasoning in repetitive dismissal of the Effort, the agreement will be considered to have perished and SOLUTION FLOWS can take any lawful actions to convalesce both expenses for the accomplished Effort and rational overheads acquired in recuperating expense.